Innovate – Co-create – Share your skills at the International Summer School at the Bauhaus Denkmal Bundesschule Bernau

We are very pleased to present our 2016 summer school program. For this edition we have selected renowned international artists, designers, and curators to explore the politics of the universal, in order to unravel what happened to our common ground, and if it is potentially still there, what does it truly requires of us? How can we combine common interests to innovate how we live, work and educate others?

The course program expands on Bauhaus concepts of “cooperation” and “functionality” and brings them up to date for the world of today. The key question we wish to tackle at the present moment: What kind of tools, materials, and perspectives are essential to more actively engage in the current socio-ecological and political climate? We believe that the realm of the arts and humanities is the perfect context for developing new prospects, solutions, and potential answers to such a vital question.

This is your chance to share your ideas and skills with others, to connect with your colleagues, and to be inspired by the various experiments, dialogues, and ideas at work behind the different courses.