July 23 – 28, 2018


Isabella Pasqualini & Céline Dupuis

A nomadic life implies the common use and the temporary sharing of a home. What are the feelings that determine the quality of the relationships with such spaces? Is it possible to sense architectonic identity beyond ownership? And, can we, through new technology, design virtual environments that trigger emotions like “belonging to a place” more than places that belong to us?

Hannes Meyer’s Co-op Interieur was conceived as a display of nomadic life rather than a room. It pointed to the contemplative aspects of privacy and intimacy. From this point of view, through the project home-less, we will investigate the qualities of the individual rooms at the Bauhaus Bundesschule. We will build them into an immersive virtual environment that not only supports interaction with space and other inhabitants but also augments the experience of the place beyond its physical features.

In a unique double module, the architect, VR artist and scientist Isabella Pasqualini and the VR developer Céline Dupuis offer a combined design and coding seminar for immersive virtual reality in Unity. This class is addressed to artists, designers, curators etc., or, to programmers, developers and creatives with coding experience. The result will be an interactive, connected virtual architecture.

Best suited for Module 1: Designers, Artists, Architects, Curators etc. advanced in 3D modeling, animation or video editing

Best suited for Module 2: Engineers and Creatives with experience in programming (C#, C++, Python, Javascript, or Processing)

Course languages: English, French, German

What to bring: Laptop

Isabella Pasqualini is an architect (ETHZ 2000) and scientist. Through her works, she explores the mutual and intimate relationship between body and space using immersive and interactive multimedia, with a particular interest in the multisensory enhancement of the user’s horizon. Isabella has a Ph.D. in architecture and cognitive neuroscience (EPFL 2012). For her post-doc project “Visual Touches – Touching Views” at the Center of Neuroprosthetics (EPFL) she obtained the fellowship grant from the cogito foundation (2013). Currently a scientist at the Center of Neuroprosthetics (EPFL) and a visiting professor at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles, she is planning a mixed reality installation with a performance artist and a scientist in Artificial Intelligence for the Mapping festival in Geneva in May 2018. Isabella has planned a new City in Angola and built a temporary bank building in Luanda. She has won several international competition prizes and exhibited her work at Swiss and international art venues (Venice Biennale, City of Rome, City of Helsinki, EPFL south, Beijing Design Week, Beijing Triennale, Shanghai Art, Science & Technology Exhibition, SAST Award, Swiss Art Awards, EAC ‘Les Halles’, Werkschau Architektur 2015). She has been a visiting Professor at the Industrial Design Department of Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK), at the Art and Design Academy of Tsinghua University in Beijing, at IUAV University in Venice, at the International Summer School of the Bauhaus Denkmal in Bernau, as well as a lecturer in the School of Engineering and Architecture at EPFL in cooperation with the Digital Humanities (EPFL) and the City of Venice.

Céline Dupuis is a Digital Media Engineer who believes in the fusion of Art and Science. She holds a double Master of Information and Communications Technology from UCL London and KTH Stockholm, and she previously graduated from EPFL in Switzerland. In the past, she taught courses and workshops on a mobile application, robots programming, and immersive environments. She likes to answer practical needs through digital means and is currently working with Virtual Reality for the rehabilitation of brain damage. More info: http://celinedupuis.tech