July 23 – 28, 2018

A Base Camp

Simon Lamunière

The workshop aims to think which form/materiality can an autonomous group take. The idea is to realize a base camp, a structure of some sort, that will exist as a manifesto of an arbitrary temporary existence.

After studying different examples of past exhibitions, we will walk through the Bauhaus campus and surroundings (building, woods, pond, highway) to chose a significant location to work with. Based on the idea of Temporary Autonomous Zone, we will develop together, a micronation, a structure that can claim and present itself in a specific location on the campus. Between a demonstration and an introverted shelter, there are many possible attitudes and forms. Beyond the exchange of information, the goal is that the participants create their own territory and develop an event during which the other participants and visitors will be confronted to.

In order to achieve this, we will have to determine what defines a space, a location, what are its boundaries, what kind of limits can be transgressed? What concrete laws or signs can be referred to in order to legitimize actions, develop artistic values and set limits. Can anything be done and said in this new territory?

Participants should be able to print images or texts, build things out of finding elements wood, cardboard, cloth, paint or glue things, hang things. Maybe some want to plant flowers, sing, clean up the site or dig a hole. I’m open. So participants should bring what they might need: sandwiches, seeds, a flag, a tent, a passport, a knife, rope, bedsheets, animals, some masking tape 🙂 Who wants, knows.

Best suited for: artists, architects, activists, political scientists, curators.

Languages: English (and German and French)

What to bring: See course description


Simon Lamunière (Geneva, CH, 1961) is a curator at the sculpture park of Domaine du Muy since 2014. He is director of the 2m2 in Geneva, the smallest art space opened just after his experience as curator of Art Unlimited, the section for large-scale artworks of Art Basel from 2000 to 2011.

He has also directed Utopics, the 11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in Biel/Bienne in 2009, and was a curator of the Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine in Geneva from 1996 to 2003 where he organized numerous exhibitions and video screenings in the field of photography, video, film and digital media. Lamunière was the curator of the Documenta X website in 1997 and co-directed the one for the Mudam in Luxembourg.

Simon Lamunière is well known for developing new projects which enlarge the usual conception of contemporary art and its diffusion. He also works on the public space and the architecture, in realizing the extension of the Bâtiment d’art Contemporain in 2002 (Mix-m), several public art projects and the Neon Parallax in 2007- 2012 in Geneva.

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