Allegra Santis

Allegra Santis (*1985, USA), studied at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK), Interior Architecture.

“Yomi” is a recent project I worked on in collaboration with Anne Groet, a classmate at KABK. We worked with a new material called “booger”, introduced to us by our teacher, Gijs Baks. We used it to mold body parts and transformed them into tableware for sushi, where we connected the consumption of raw food with the rawness of the material itself. We were featured in Dezeen Magazine and Catálogodiseño Magazine.

“The Manifesto of Parasitic Urbanization” is a project that goes into my fascination with social design. This was another collaboration with two other classmates – Rick Mouwen, and Dominika Czajak. The concept was to build new architecture that fills in the gaps of a city, like a parasite/symbiotic relationship, instead of on the outskirts in the suburban spread.
We designed new houses in Amsterdam that were built into a canal used a century before for trading vessels, but is now unused. A public bridge connects the houses from one side of the canal to the other allowing pedestrians to cross.

In the very near future, I’ll go further into social design by working as a curator for Mona Jas, coordinator of a new course called, “Verknüpfungen_Rabata_Interloop” on the campus of the Bauhaus Denkmal in Bernau bei Berlin. The course works with young adults from the local refugee center in learning craftsmanship from both Syrian and German experts, for the purpose of integrating and working in German society with their learned skills.

PROJECT PROPOSAL: Bauhaus Proposal