Simon Lamunière – Infiltrating a Space

Course August 15 – 20, 2016

In an era of highly-mediated reality, Simon Lamunière’s summer school course aims to root activity in a physical location: in the untypical spaces around the campus area. The goal will be to realize an event, an exhibition, or another form of public presentation. The process leading up to this will serve as an occasion to learn about the workings of the perception of space; about what we can create in this reality, and how we make our actions meaningful. The key questions are: What creates “awareness”?; What is worth “realizing” and making known to others?

Following an introduction to a recent survey of various exhibitions in public space, participants will turn their attention to the campus environment in a comparative analysis of other settings that disseminate the artistic realm: the art gallery, white cube, or social media. Walks will be taken through the Bauhaus campus and surroundings: the woods, the nearly dried up pond, the recreational and sports area, side streets, or the highway overpass. The purpose is to identify a significant location with which to collaborate, compete, interfere, infiltrate, or possess. Beyond the exchange of information, the aim is to create a context in which participants create their own event and interventions in an open/public space.

Participants claim this chosen space for a certain time—a morning, an evening, or an afternoon—in order to unravel their approaches to art making and assumptions about life and work. This can be an extremely visible process or, on the contrary, a very discrete one.

The course has no criteria but advocates a low-tech approach rather than something too complicated to realize in a week. Participants should be able to print images or texts, build things out of found elements such as wood, cardboard, cloth, or to paint, glue, or hang things. Perhaps some will want to plant flowers or bring found objects along in their suitcase. People can also sing, clean up the site or generate a pile of garbage, hide a personal diary in a tree or toss underwear onto the highway. This all depends on what materials or approaches the participants typically like to employ. During the course participants can also organize performances and events for one evening (sound, music, bar, counter) some might create videos or short clips with their phones and document or upload media. Accordingly, participants should bring what they might need: sandwiches, seeds, a phone, a flag, a knife, some masking tape, for example. Who wants, knows.


Simon Lamunière (*1961) is an independent curator based in Geneva. Since 2014, he has served as curator for the sculpture park of Domaine du Muy, the director of 2m2 art space, and as editor for Ardeis. From 2000 to 2011, Lamunière curated Art Unlimited, the section for large-scale artworks at Art Basel. He was the director of Utopics, the 11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in Biel/Bienne, and curator of the Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine in Geneva from 1996 to 2003. Furthermore, he was the curator of the documenta X website in 1997 and co-directed the website for the Mudam in Luxembourg.

Simon Lamunière is well-known for developing new projects that expand on contemporary art’s usual/more common conceptions and its diffusion/dissemination. He also works with public space and architecture, realizing the extension of the Bâtiment d’art Contemporain in 2002 (Mix-m), and the Neon Parallax in 2007- 2012, both in Geneva. For more information please see: