Let’s drive!

Here you see some happy students in Bernau! The class Visser visited the copper houses in the Messingwerksiedlung in Eberswalde. Renault ZOE makes it possible!

Bernau Klasse Visser_klein

Even Mario is thrilled:

“The car is convenient, comfortable and easy to use. The engine has adequate power for both city and highway. Plug-ins are the final detail for a car highly recommended.”

Bernau Mario


What a ride!

The artist Barbara Visser, here in the photo with the Renault ZOE, knows the electronic driving already from her hometown Amsterdam. Barbara uses the environmentally friendly car-sharing opportunities in Amsterdam and likes the fact that the cars are only driving with electricity. She noticed only one more thing while driving to Bernau:


“It was the first time that I have driven an electric car on the highway and I was having a lot of fun, but I quickly noticed that speeding significantly impacted the battery I have thus reduces the speed – Another advantage of the environmentally friendly driving .”



On the road again

Aleksandra, one of the students at the International Summer School Bernau, commutes on a daily basis with the Renault ZOE from Berlin to Bernau. Here her thoughts on driving the electric car and some pictures taken on the road to Bernau:


“I am one of the pupils at Summer School Bernau, who has an honour to drive one of the electric cars.

I am driving daily from Berlin to Bernau. Early in the morning to not miss the lectures and going back in the evening. I am not staying at the school, so getting an electrical car – yes, it is my first time I am driving one – and an automatic, it makes my commuting much much easier.

So how it is to drive the electricity and not with gas? Well, I must say that it is absolutely amazing. The car drives very smoothly (I like the “funny” noises it makes with accelerating and breaking), I guess a big point here is that it is an automatic car too. Driving manual (which I am used to) and driving automatic is quite a difference…in a automatic car, you are kind of a vessel, there is not much to do, except pushing for the gas, the car does everything by itself – while manual, you get a feeling of a car much more, but it does put you in the trouble with other drivers if you are not fast enough in a moment of a second when there is a green light on the traffic light. 🙂


However, for the electricity…I am a huge enthusiast of Nikola Tesla – and he is the father of electricity, that you can read my email now as well as reading it on your screen, that wouldn’t be possible without Mr.Tesla. He understood already before the environmental crisis seriously begun, that using natural resources – it is doom for society as well as Earth. He was a huge environmentalist – loving nature and wanted to contributed with his genius with what he could. Because of him, the electrical car was made. I won’t go into details of oil lobbies and so on, that it is only in the recent years that there are electrical cars on the market, but let’s face it – it is our future to use electricity, to use solar energy and wind energy, if we want to leave this World to our future generations welcoming and not suffocate them with smog.”

Sustainable design and eco-friendly driving

Marjan van Aubel, whose course is discussing sustainable future aesthetics, and her participants went on a excursion with the Renault ZOE today. On their route: the historical gas storage, the solar charging station and the CHP in Bernau.

ZE Summer Drive

RENAULT supports the students of the International Summer School Bernau with two Renault Zoe for excursions.

Beginning August 7 the Bauhaus Denkmal Bundesschule Bernau, built between 1928–30 and designed by former Dessau Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer, will be infused with new life for two full weeks. True to the spirit of the Bauhaus, the architectural gem located just outside Berlin will once again become a place for international encounters and exchange. Participants from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have taken up the invitation to attend courses presented by internationally renowned artists and cultural workers.

The International Summer School is supported by RENAULT. The automobile manufacturer is providing participants two Renault ZOE electric vehicles for excursions. The students will test the electric car and can write about it on this Blog: ZE Summer Drive.