Claire Liengme

Claire Liengme (*1975), Switzerland, holds a MA in public sphères from the ECAV (Ecole cantonale d’Art du Valais), Sierre (CH) (with Distinction). In her practice Claire Liengme moves and lives in different places of the world while questioning ‘minor spaces’ such as post-industrial, wastelands, hidden spaces, or inhospitable territories which have mostly been forgotten by more established accounts, or throughout History. Liengme produces art as if one would make a journey, and tries to create a dialogue with the people who she encounters and stand with her in the ‘here and now.’ Recent solo exhibitions in Moutier (Galerie du Passage), Sion (Galerie Duo) and Antwerp (Showroom), Collective exhibition in Bienne (Lokal-Int ; La Voirie), Moutier (Musée jurassien des Arts).