How to curate a building was an situ workshop designed by art historian Renske Janssen in which seven international participants responded to the context in which they found themselves. Guided by Janssen they each formulated an idea, a concept or a research project that fitted their own wishes, interests and expertise. The theoretical basis, if there was any, was loosely based on a series of books and articles that were available during the course week such as Lucy Lippard’s Six Years […] on developments in conceptual art or Nina Möntmanns’s essay Art at the Limits: an introduction in Scandalous. A reader on art and ethics (2013). During the five-day course the participants where first of all triggered to stay close to who they are by inspiring safety and honesty through Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent communication. Within the group mutual respect and understanding led to free making and thinking. Janssen offers workshops to open-up new potential and ways of looking at art, life and work other then market- and strategically driven. Instead she likes to see what happens when inspired by ‘nonviolent communication’ in which language is set-free of moral judgments and artworks (or buildings) are valued by ‘show don’t tell’.

María Teresa García
Judith Lavagna
Claire Liengme
Jorge Henrique Vieira Rodrigues
Allegra Santis
Petronela Soltész
Aleksandra Stor