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The International Summer School is organized by the Berlin Chamber of Crafts and held on its premises located in the former School of the Federation of German Trade Unions (ADGB) in Bernau bei Berlin. An outstanding monument to Bauhaus architecture, the building serves as the site for the one-week courses and related events while also providing a cohesive context. The Bauhaus’s approach to transcending the boundaries between craft, art, and scholarly research is our guiding principle. Following the resounding success of last year’s program attended by participants from twelve countries and three continents, we are now ready for the Summer School’s second edition.

This year, in addition to eight one-week courses, the Summer School is offering for the first time a daily “Preliminary Course” open to all participants, instructors, and the general public. American paper artist Eric Gjerde has developed a daily one-hour class for us based on the educational concepts of the famous Bauhaus teacher Josef Albers.

We invite you to join for the preliminary course and the public evening events.

Taking the principle of cooperation to heart, the Course Program aspires to expand on the functionality-based approach of the Bauhaus, translating and updating it for today’s digital era. The program allows you to share and exchange perspectives, potentials, and ideas as well as to learn from and with each other. The aim is to discover novel applications and new design possibilities in the arts, crafts, and society and to put these to use in your own work. The focus this year is on the relationship between architecture and other disciplines. For some courses we can still offer some open seats.

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