August 14 – 18 and August 21 – 25, 2017 / 10 – 11 am
this course is open to everybody – no application needed – just come and join!
Venue: Dining hall Bauhaus Denkmal Bundeschule Bernau

Paper Creations from the Bauhaus School

Eric Gjerde

This lighthearted course taught by paper artist Eric Gjerde focuses on the practical hands-on experience of working with paper. As part of his first-year Preliminary Courses at the Bauhaus School, Josef Albers would task students with creating various structures and forms out of simple paper, exploring the spaces, shapes, and innate qualities of the material itself. These exercises led them on a path of self-discovery and observational “learning through doing.”

Eric will lead a daily workshop covering five different styles and forms of paper play; exercises directly from Josef Albers himself, and new, innovative methods from the world of complex origami. Participants will make their own creations and will have the opportunity to pursue further discovery outside of the course. An instructional booklet will be provided for all participants as an additional learning tool for exploration.

Skills required: a desire to learn, a willingness to explore, and some practical experience with folding and crumpling paper – a global knowledge we all share!

Eric Gjerde (Minnesota, USA, 1978) is a paper artist who explores shape and structure using complex folding techniques he developed through years of experimentation. He began his journey into the world of paper 13 years ago, returning to a childhood love of paper in an effort to restore his creative spirits. This led to a deeper appreciation for the beauty of origami, resulting in the publication of his popular book “Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs”. His main focus lies in tessellations — repeating patterns and forms that extend infinitely — and most recently in the development of new biological “living” paper mediums. Gjerde works from his studio in Minneapolis, together with his wife and artistic partner Ioana Stoian.

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