August 21 – 26, 2017

The better self

Isabella Pasqualini


The demo and realization of the project wouldn’t be possible without a talented programmer Céline Dupuis, who assisted the project realization and a course leader Isabella Pasqualini through the whole week at the Summer School and the contribution of Imverse SA from Lausanne with their 3D reconstruction of a 360° photo in the project.

Imverse SA is a startup, spin-off from EPFL, developing volumetric solutions and providing services for photorealistic mixed reality content creation. The 3D model displayed on this project was created thanks to their service of 3D reconstruction from a single 360° photo.


contemplation and concentration

Concentration is the ability to think carefully about something you are doing and nothing else. Contemplation is profound thinking about something. The learning experience in bauhaus includes both parts.

Louisa Wolf


In proper perspective

My concept evolves about the understanding of the perspective of separation yet the connectivity the residence has with the seminar room, where the learning experience is enhanced through long distinctive glass hallways that lead to the seminar rooms.

Mohamed Sherif


Meaningful repetition

Repetition is a key element of architecture, it creates a sense of comfort, familiarity and lightness. The modules work in one way as individual entities and in a different way together just like knowledge in our brain works by a chain principle and gets stronger as the path is repeated.

Octavian Fedco


Space Speaks. Paper planes play.

Are we listening to our surroundings? Certain elements of our environment are key when it comes to interaction. Following Gibson’s affordances theory and with insight from Fred Sandback’s installations, the narrative of an educational atmosphere such as Hans Meyer’s Bauhaus building aims to be an experience for the interaction of the better self.

Ana Mombiedro


The way to the dancing light

What would be the feeling to dance in the light? The main concept is to create a space that would make people feel good, cheerful and comfortable. To find better themselves with dancing light.
As you find the rhythm with constellation of light and darkness, combined to make a vibration that would give you the feeling of dancing.

Dardana Sadiku



What would you do first if you were a ghost in a Bauhaus building? Walk through glass or levitate above the place?
The whole idea of this project is to escape your body and play with spaces, lines and points of view the very same way we play with ideas, to create new potentials.
And as a heritage of the Bauhaus theories, changing our perception, turning the space.

Marion De Ruyter


The Bauhaus Reader

Following the steps of an individiuum reading in the Hans Meyer school complex, commemorating the ritual which has been common in the Bauhaus, but is now lost in the general society.

Ahmed Fetahu


The Better Self Team. Bauhaus Bernau, © 2017

Isabella Pasqualini is an architect (ETHZ, 2000) and scientist with a PhD in architecture and cognitive neuroscience (EPFL, 2012). After studies in Venice, Zürich and Madrid, she has worked for international architecture firms before founding her own design practice in Switzerland in 2004. For her postdoctoral project “Visual Touches – Touching Views” at the Center of Neuroprosthetics (EPFL) she obtained the Fellowship grant by the cogito foundation in 2013. She is currently a visiting scientist at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (EPFL). Her works explore the mutual and intimate relationship between body and architecture through immersive multimedia, with a particular interest in a multisensory enhancement of the architectonic horizon. Isabella has published her empirical research studies in scientific media (Frontiers 2013, 2017) and is currently a guest editor for Frontiers in Cognitive Science. In 2016 she presented her research about mood enhancement through architectonic biofeedback at the Venice Biennale. She has been a visiting Professor at the Industrial Design Department of Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK), at the Art and Design Academy of Tsinghua University in Beijing, as well as a lecturer in the School of Engineering and Architecture at EPFL. Isabella has planned a new City in Angola and built a temporary bank building in Luanda. She has won several international competition prizes and exhibited her work at Swiss and international art venues (City of Rome, City of Helsinki, EPFL south, Beijing Design Week, Beijing Triennale, Shanghai Art, Science & Technology Exhibition, SAST Award, Swiss Art Awards, EAC ‘Les Halles’, Werkschau Architektur 2015).

For more information about Isabella’s research, read the article: “Seeing” and “feeling” architecture: how bodily self-consciousness alters architectonic experience and affects the perception of interiors” here.