August 14 – 19, 2017

Drawing in Space

Mona Jas

Draw is about combining different elements and layers: lines, dots, dashes, and shading on surfaces can convey thoughts, emotions, and concepts, record observations, conceive processes, and document experiences. Drawing blends high abstraction with direct physicality.

The aim of this course will be to test out these possibilities ourselves and to engage in critical reflection using specific examples. We will develop a narrative together based on the people and architecture from the context of the surrounding neighborhood (temporary housing, the landmark, the trade union, schools, apartments). We will then use the medium of drawing to translate and visualize this narrative and present the results in a space inside the Bauhaus monument. The drawings will be created as a joint work using digital pens, plotted and installed as a temporary installation in this space.
The course is planned as follows: In the first phase we will familiarize ourselves with the practice and theory of drawing. This will be followed by a research phase, in which we will conduct field research in the surrounding environment. In the third phase, we will develop graphic elements. In the fourth phase, we will work together to develop the installation, which we will realize on site in the fifth phase.

It is assumed that students are interested in and have experience with drawing.

Drawing in Space – August 14 – 19, 2017

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In transdisciplinary, long-term projects, artist Mona Jas examines artistic dialogues in various social fields and constellations. The focus is on contemporary art, visual culture, social inclusion, and artistic research combined with the question of shaping and changing society. Perception through drawing, language, and movement form the basis of her work, which is presented in the form of installations, publications, and workshops. Mona, received her Masters in Art from UdK Berlin and was the recipient of a postgraduate fellowship from the Berlin Senate; later she was awarded travel grants to Istanbul as well as a DAAD grant for Montréal / New York, and the Berlin Senate’s work grant. She received the first grant for art mediation awarded by nGbK. Her works have been presented in Utopics, the 11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in Biel / Bienne, Gleisdreieck art in public space in Berlin, Museion, Bolzano, in cooperation with ES contemporary art gallery, Süddeutsche Kunstverein, the exhibition Europa U Bahn 55 Bundestag, and Brandenburger Kunstverein. She is an honorary professor at Kunsthochschule Weissensee Berlin, a member of the education faculty at documenta 14, and, as an artist, is the director of art mediation for the 10th Berlin Biennial.